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Skin smoothing coffee scrub for that gorgeous glow

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Stretch Marks


Dry Skin

Marks + Scars

Use it or Lose it

This stuff is just raw, 100% natural.

There are no nasty preservatives, so it won't last long, just like the biodegradable package it comes in.

Open it and use as suggested and it will go the distance.

Keep dry and reseal if you can.

A bit of loving for you and our precious planet.

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How do I use it?

Get in the shower, Get your skin wet

Grab a handful of the scrub

Scrub gently and slowly in a circular motion

Spend extra time on the problem areas
Those with dangly bits, don't be afraid to get it on there (your partner will thank you)

Leave for a few minutes, Rinse off

Touch yourself to feel how smooth and silky you are

Word of caution, this gets dirty but will rinse clean easily.

Also, the oil will make the shower a bit slippery, so recommend you have some friendly assistance (they could do your back as well) or just take care if you are flying solo.

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