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Our Story

My partner and I owned and operated a cafe, playing baristas, on the Gold Coast from 2014.
I suffer from major skin issue with psoriasis, plus the usual stretch marks & cellulite.
A real triple threat!
It was always a struggle to find an all natural product that would help all the conditions in the one application. Plus all the major players just love plastic!
Some were close, but still contained a lot of weird stuff that we didn’t know what they did without some serious research with Dr Google.
After a long time throwing out the coffee grinds from the cafe, we thought maybe there was a way to use them for our skin and it would also be a way to recycle and do our small bit for the planet.
Lots of research later, we developed a formula to create our first Coconut & Coffee Scrub, helping our skin and helping the environment, a real win/win.
We have been smashing it out for family & friends ever since (in biodegradable packaging of course).
Now with the launch of Zoojaz, everyone can enjoy a bit of self loving.
Our wish is to inspire women to invest in the care of their skin and practice self love in a purely natural and cruelty-free way, with nominal impact on the planet & without comprise.  
Self care is not selfish.
*Be a changemaker
*Be inclusive
*Be a dreamer
Contact us at PO Box 381 Mermaid Beach Qld 4218 or email